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"...high cooing vocals and airy harmonies above bluesy, gum-smacking grooves that simmer and shimmer...arrangements full of ear candy." - Nashville Scene

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Q&A with singer/songwriter Brian Olive in Chattanooga's Free Times Press

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"Olive clearly scores high on the eclecticism checklist, but he’s also a fine songwriter, generating memorable tunes regardless of his stylistic bag." ~All Music Guide

"Ex Soledad Brother and Greenhornes guitarist Brian Olive’s solo debut is a rich, Stax-influenced late 60’s/early 70’s era rock record. Olive fuses an interesting array of music ranging from jazz elements, British psychedelic, Memphis soul-pop and Chicago style blues."~Record Department

"Drawing inspiration from ‘60s psych-pop, after-hours jazz, and ‘70s glam stomp, BrianOlive, the onetime Greenhornes guitarist and Soledad Brothers multi-instrumentalist, steps out of the shadows cast by the Midwest garageblues scene and into the light on his self-titled debut."~PopMatters

"The album is a swirl of psychedelia underpinned with classic rock, Martin Denny exotica, and Southern roots swagger, all recorded in the former vault of a Hamilton Avenue pawnshop in Northside."~Cincinnati Magazine

"Reshaping the past, the album presents an alternate musical history where linear evolution is replaced by spontaneous genesis, and what a wonderful creation it is."~Goldmine

"Unexpected is just how much musical ground is covered in this gem of a record, and with such cohesive results."~The Agit Reader

"Olive’s new sound doesn’t come as a surprise – his background in piano and saxophone finds him better suited for soul shakedowns than the sad sack of blues he left behind. The self-titled record is more gypsy pop than garage rock, more of a 60’s love-in than a nod to Howlin’ Wolf."~The Waster

"The Ohio-native BrianOlive used analog tape for the sessions and the natural and cool atmosphere is definitely preserved in his brisk, yet filling debut."~Blogcritics

"The music is as colorful as the album cover, and sounds like a stack of beatnik, jazz, and psychedelic records melted into one soundtrack to a ’70s brown-hued television show."~3Hive B